The EUWAY consortium is made of the following partners:


TUS a higher education institution in Ireland with a strong track record of coordinating and delivering EU funded projects in energy and construction; science; rural development; and social enterprise.

OnP (ES)

OnP is a consulting enterprise specialized in project managing, monitoring and evaluation. Its staff has a wide experience in ERASMUS+ projects and in the development of VET materials in the farming and rural development sector.

BC Naklo (SI)

BC Naklo is a vocational educational training center (tertiary) located in Slovenia which delivers a wide range of courses / programmes in rural development and agriculture/ horticulture.

HuL (DE)

 HuL is an independent private body focused on agricultural family enterprises. HuL is consulting in Germany in all types of agricultural business: crop cultivation as well as animal husbandry, production and processing of biomass for food and feed as well as for energetic or industrial purposes.

AèV (IT)

AèV is a Vocational Training Centre. Its main objectives are: to promote and stimulate the social-cultural and civic development and training, at any level, of all the citizens, and more specifically farmers, in many economic and social sectors (agriculture, food industry, administrative and advanced services)


is a unique federation of national associations from the EU27, which represents the interests of the landowners, land and forest managers and rural entrepreneurs at the European political level.

COAG Jaén (ES)

COAG is a professional farming organisation which operates in the Jaén province, in Andalusia. It provides a wide range of services from the defense of farmers interests to training, information and technical advising, R+D, dissemination of technical improvements, rural development, etc.