Welcome to the EUWAY course!

This course focuses on providing knowledge and skills for the sustainable and effective management of water on farms.

It is a self-directed course, and at the end of each of the 5 short modules, you will receive an EUWAY badge. Once you have completed all 5 modules (and collected all 5 badges), you can access our European case studies and download an EUWAY Certificate of Completion. Each module will take an hour or less to complete. 

How to access the course

Click on the link to access the e-learning platform.

Click ‘Create new account’ OR if you already have an account, enter your log in details.

Fill in the form to create a new account.

Once an account is created, a confirmation email will be sent to you (check your junk!). From there you can access the e-learning platform by clicking a link.

Enter the platform. On the left-hand side, under ‘My courses’, you will see a list of courses that feature on the platform. Click ‘EUWAY’.

You must complete each module/quiz before you can view/progress to the next module. Be sure to check out our Summary Guide – you will find a link to it in the ‘summary guide’ section of the course.

We hope you enjoy the EUWAY course!